What is important to Mindsync EMDR training?

As mental health professionals Caroline Van Diest and Dr Hannah Bryan have worked with mental health difficulties and trauma for over 20 years. We both found that EMDR added an extra tool to our clinical tool box that had a huge positive impact on our work with clients. EMDR has changed so many lives for the better. We want clinicians to be able to access high quality EMDR training as they start their journey in EMDR.

We want delegates to train in a supportive, engaging and nurturing environment. We therefore train in small groups and whilst we do offer some online training we much prefer delivering EMDR training in person.

We focus on sustainability and want delegates to continue to use EMDR therapy within their work after they leave our training. We therefore integrate EMDR supervision within our training so you can reflect on and plan how to use EMDR with your clients. It feels really important that you do this during and immediately after training.

We want our training and the training details to be accessible. We provide training manuals and workbooks for you to keep.

All trainers and facilitators (consultants) are EMDR Europe /EMDR UK accredited.

We want delegates to leave our training with a sound basic understanding of EMDR.
We endeavour to train in a way to ensure that trainee EMDR therapists understand the model. So we teach the model and then practice EMDR as much as we can.

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